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Space: 1999 by Gerry e Sylvia Anderson

1976 - Episode "Space Brain", directed by Charles Crichton


"It all started one day when my agent, Valentina Sturla, summoned me in her office to meet the producer, Sylvia Anderson. I wasn't ask to read - Mrs Anderson saw some of my works, such as Steppenwolf.

In the UK I settled in quite well, without problems: I could speak English well because, at that time, I was already living in New York and Los Angeles; furthermore, I had studied English and Russian at a 'School for MPs Translaters' and I was already married with an American citizen.

I was really impressed with the professionalism of the personnel at Pinewood: adeptness, kindness and expertise. It was a one-month experience in a very friendly, calm and professional environment. I remember all my colleagues there with great affection.

In the picture below, I am with the cast and Giancarlo Prete (Dan Mateo in the episode "The Troubled Spirit"). We both attended the same Drama School with the great Maestro Alessandro Fersen. We were really committed and often study parts together, and we respected and helped each other, as the moral code of our beloved Maestro dictated.

From this episode, the thing I remember the most is the infamous 'alien' foam; our director was drowning under it. We got scared but we all laughed, in the end."

Artwork by Giuseppe Turdo

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